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Compass Lawyers 30-January-2013

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Buying a property :
  • We offer homebuyers a fixed fee legal service, our value-for-money package (VFM), in buying a single title property in NSW. Our VFM package, in additional to our professional legal services, includes all compulsory enquiries and searches, including:
    1. Title searches to verify interests in the property
    2. General enquiry to clear property charge, e.g. Section 603 and 66 Certificate
         3. Settlement agent fee in Sydney CBD
         4. All copying and correspondences within Australia 
  • Of course, we can also provide premium packages with additional services at competitive prices. Examples are:
    * Strata search report (for strata title property)
    * Pest and building report (for house property)
    * Caveat
    * Power of Attorney
    * Work order/notice

    => All costs will be clearly explained and fixed in our cost agreement [means no worry of hidden cost]

For a description of the technical terms stated in this page, please refer to "Useful Terms" in our resources page.

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