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Compass Lawyers 30-January-2013

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Selling a property

  • We offer vendors a fixed fee legal service, our value-for-money package (VFM), in selling a single title property in NSW. Our VFM package, in additional to our professional legal services, includes all complusory searches for preparation of contract, complying with statutory requirements. It includes:
    1. Title searches
    2. Deposited or Strata Plan
    3. Section 149(2) Certificate
    4. Drainage & Sewerage Diagram
    5. Settlement agent fee in Sydney CBD
    6. All copying and correspondences within Australia
  • Please note that additional costs may incur if the title shows any encumbrances as more instruments are needed to be attached to the contract according to the vendor disclosure legislation.
  • Additional cost may also incur if there is more than one dwelling on the land as more searches may need to be carried out.
  • We require a payment of $350 for the preparation of the contract for Sale of Land. The balance of our fees will be payable on or before settlement.
    => All costs will be clearly explained and fixed in our cost agreement [means no worry of hidden cost]

For a description of the technical terms stated in this page, please refer to "Useful Terms" in our resources page.

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